The widespread use of mobile devices has transformed casual places into meeting places. However, in these places, it is uncommon to have shared information workspace such as a beam projector, making it inconvenient and inefficient to exchange information and to get a direct feedback. To address this challenge, we present Ubi-jector, a mobile system that provides a shared information space that is equally distributed to each participant’s mobile device and allows group members to share documents and collaborate real-time. We first characterized the information sharing patterns and identified the limitations of the current practice in meeting places without a shared workspace, by conducting qualitative user studies. Next, we implemented Ubi-jector with the design guidelines drawn in the prior stage. Also, we performed an evaluation study that showed the possibilities of Ubi-jector to facilitate an effective information sharing and foster an active participation even in poorly-equipped environments.


Co-located Interaction; shared display; information sharing; CSCW; F2F; co-located; mobile collaboration

Research Method

  • Interview
  • Prototyping
  • System evaluation


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Hajin Lim
Ph.D Student in Information Science

My research interests include HCI, Social Media and NLP.